Bulgogi Glazed Beef

This marinade would be delicious with any of the beef available from LMDC, though perhaps particularly with the entrecote or cote de boeuf: something with a bit more fat in it. The chicken thighs and Basque pork too. Bulgogi is a Korean dish, traditionally prepared with strips of beef flash-fried then rolled in the sauce, though it also works brilliantly as a marinade and glaze on a larger cut of meat. It would feel like a real shame to cut the cote de boeuf into thin strips! There is something so satisfying not just about eating large joints or steaks, but cooking and carving them too. Some Asian savoury recipes have a level of sweetness that we love to eat, but appear very alien to us on paper; it looks like a lot of sugar but you do need that balance to the saltiness of the soy. The pear and carrot also provide sweetness here. Given the marinade will firm the meat, you can cook it a little less than you would do normally. Leave it to marinade a minimum of overnight, but ideally no more than 3 days or it will firm up to a point that the taste and tenderness of the meat is compromised. This dish will provide a welcome change for this time of year, when we can be getting bored of familiar stews and rich hearty food. Serve with some steamed rice and some dressed vegetable shavings, such as radish, carrot and gem lettuce. Some toasted broccoli would also be a terrific bedfellow.


1/2   Onion, peeled

1      Pear, peeled and cored

1      Carrot, peeled

5      Peeled garlic cloves

1”     Fresh ginger, peeled

60g   Soy sauce

60g   Brown sugar

1 tbsp   Sesame oil

½ tbsp  Salt & ½ tsp Crushed black pepper

80g   Ketjap manis

30g   Mirin / Rice wine vinegar

1 tsp Corn flour

-       Blend everything for the marinade to a smooth puree and marinate the beef for 1-3 days.

-       Bring the beef to room temp then drain off the marinade, reserving it to make a glaze later.

-       Colour the beef on all sides in a hot pan or chargrill pan then transfer to a roasting tray. (If you roast it still in the hot pan, the heat from the metal will result in it cooking too fast and unevenly as metal conducts heat much more efficiently than the air).

-       Roast at 130C to rare (50C core temp), then remove and place on a warm plate and top loosely with foil. If cooking an entrecote or sirloin, the time in the pan may well be enough.

         If a cote de boeuf, it will need about 10 mins in the oven.

-       Rest, during which it will continue to cook up to medium rare: 15 mins for sirloin or entrecote, 30 mins for cote de boeuf.

-       Whilst it is resting, cook the rice and shave and dress the vegetables.

-       Dissolve the corn flour into 1 tbsp of water then whisk into the marinade. Bring to a boil in a pan to thicken to a glaze consistency, then pour all over the beef. Carve and serve.

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