Celeriac gratin dauphinois

Gratin dauphinois is the kingpin of all gratins, if not all potato dishes (though it would have to duke it out with mash & chips for the crown). I have never met anyone that doesn’t like it. Glorious with red meat and a red wine gravy on a cold day. This version uses the celeriac in this week’s hamper, though you can go 50/50 celeriac/potato or even swap it for just potato to be true to the original version. Nutmeg is not authentic to the original but I think the dish is all the better for its inclusion. You do need a mandolin to make this dish, and they are well worth buying, unlike some kitchen gizmos (there seem to be more and more that do less and less). As much as I have never met someone that doesn’t like a gratin dauphinois, I have equally never met someone who likes the prospect of using a mandolin! This dish is obviously full of calories, but that is why it is so damn tasty. You can gild the lily and mix in a little gruyere as you build the layers, or even just a sprinkle on top and then flash under the grill. Enjoy!


500g                       Whipping cream

1 large                    Garlic clove, crushed

2                              Thyme sprigs, bruised

2                              Bay leaves

10 strokes              Nutmeg, grated on microplane

5g                           Salt

Pinch                      Black pepper


600g                       Celeriac, peeled and finely sliced on mandolin

5g                           Salt


½ clove                  Garlic

1 tbsp                     Salted butter


                                Grated gruyere cheese, optional


-              Boil the cream in a pan then remove from the heat, add the garlic, thyme, bay, nutmeg, salt and pepper and top with a lid. Leave to infuse whilst you slice the celeriac.


-              Thinly slice the celeriac on a mandolin into 2mm slices, or roughly the thickness of a coin. You may well need to halve or quarter the celeriac before doing so if large. Remember to use the guard to protect your fingers!


-              Place in a bowl and season the slices; leave for 10 mins.


-              Pour the infused cream through a sieve over the celeriac. It should still be warm.


-              Dip the garlic in a little salt then rub all over the inside of the gratin dish, followed by the    butter.


-              Layer the celeriac inside the dish ensuring each layer is coated, adding cream (and some gruyere if you wish) each time; fill to the top, then pour over any remaining cream.


-              Cook at 170C for 1hr until tender within and golden on top, though the type of oven will determine this. It may take a little longer. Once tender, if it needs a bit more colour just give a couple of mins under the grill.

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  • This sounds DELICIOUS!! Totally brilliant idea to replace potatoes by celeriac. Royalties due… ( grilled radicchio or endive as sides, mandarine n pink pepper sauce, heavenly with magrets de canard)

    Donatienne on

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