Confit garlic aioli

I don’t cook a huge amount at home, given the day job, but mayonnaise is something I will always make rather than buy in. Once you have tried the real thing, there is no going back. This version, flavoured with confit garlic, is sweet and full flavoured. It is also very simple to make. Perfect to accompany roast chicken, baked vegetables, or to serve alongside a rice pilaff. In the Autumn, fork into some jacket potatoes, top with some grated cheese and glaze under the grill. We use half vegetable oil because if just olive oil was used, it would taste too bitter. No need for a posh olive oil here, just a standard one is fine.

2          Heads of garlic, peeled

100g     Extra virgin olive oil

100g     Vegetable or neutral oil

1 tbsp   Water

¼         Lemon, juice of

½ tbsp  Sherry vinegar

1          Egg yolk

Pinch     Salt


-           For the garlic puree, peel the garlic, place in a pan with the olive oil and vegetable oil and cook over a low heat until the garlic turns a deep and even golden: approx. 1 hr. This can also be done in the oven at 160C, but cover with tinfoil or a lid.


-           Leave to cool, then drain through a sieve, reserving the oil.


-           Place the garlic in a blender jug with the water, lemon juice, sherry vinegar, egg yolk and salt, then blend in the oil in a gradual stream to emulsify. If the mayonnaise is looking very shiny, then just add a splash of water. Check seasoning and acidity, then transfer to a pot and chill in the fridge until needed.

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