Confit nectarines, honey & lemon thyme (with burrata or ricotta)

This is equally comfortable as a breakfast dish, light lunch or even cheese course at the end of a meal. Truly mouth-watering summer fare, that couldn’t be simpler to prepare, so you can enjoy your summer holidays without spending too much time in the kitchen. If using lemon thyme, just strip the sprigs with your fingers to make tiny pluches. If using basil, just rip or keep whole, but rosemary will need to be finely chopped. Mint and tarragon would also be lovely. If using burrata, just serve as below. The combination of the virginal milky softness with the tender sweet fruit needs no adornment nor interruption. If serving with ricotta, feel free to scatter over some nuts. Both can be bulked out with a scatter of rocket if you wish. This simple treatment can be used for plums too, which are in peak season at the moment. Best eaten outdoors in shorts!

60g     Honey

60g     Olive oil

1/2     Lemon, juice of

4          Nectarines, halved

Burrata or ricotta

Lemon thyme, rosemary or basil

-          Preheat oven to 120C.

-          Heat the oil, honey and lemon to melt and combine, and pour half onto a baking tray.

-          Top with the nectarines, cut side up, then spoon over the remaining honey mix, and gently       cook for 20 mins.

-          Turn onto their side and cook for another 20 mins until tender. Remove from the oven.

-          Have the burrata or ricotta at room temperature, rather than fridge cold, then place on 1 side of a bowl and season lightly with crushed black pepper and Maldon salt.

-          Place the nectarine halves and 2 tbsp of the warm cooking juices (from the baking tray) alongside, then scatter over the herbs.


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