Gribiche dressing

This French vinaigrette is a preparation that you don’t really hear much about these days. It’s not new or trendy (which shouldn’t automatically be considered positive credentials); it is classic and delicious (which should). It is simple to make and will add an irrefutably Gallic accent to your food, if not your voice. I’ve included it this week because it is a perfect companion for both the watercress and the potatoes in the hamper. Watercress needs a punchy bedfellow to harmonise its raw pepperiness, whilst some chopped boiled potatoes, if dressed whilst still warm, will gratefully soak it up. These would both be delicious alongside the magnificent coiled sausage from O’Hagans. Virgin rapeseed oil is not traditional in the recipe but it gives a lovely nuttiness and golden glow. Traditionally you would chop the whites and add at the end, but to be honest, they break up when whisking, so it seems a bit exigent for home cooking. You don’t need to use all 3 herbs if you can’t get them, but do try to get at least one of the tarragon or chervil. Don’t chop them up too finely; you want the separate hits of each flavour rather than a grass-clipping uniformity.

Gribiche dressing

2 Soft boiled eggs, peeled

Pinch Salt

1 tsp Dijon mustard

1/2 Lemon, juice of

30g White wine vinegar

60g Virgin rapeseed oil

60g Vegetable oil

1 tbsp Capers, chopped

1 tbsp Cornichons, chopped

1 tbsp Chopped chervil

1 tbsp Chopped tarragon

1 tbsp Chopped parsley

Pinch Crushed black pepper

- Whisk the eggs with the mustard, salt, lemon juice and vinegar, breaking up the whites.

- As if making a mayonnaise, whisk in the 2 oils in a slow steady stream.

- Add the remaining ingredients and check seasoning and acidity levels. It should be punchy, acidic but nicely balanced, with plenty of pop from the herbs, capers and cornichons.

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