Leek & Wild Mushroom Frittata with Cracklebean Eggs (Serves 2)

It is easy to forget the simple things in life when “novelty” has sadly become the highest currency these days, especially when it comes to food. Originality and quality are two different things and they don’t always go hand in hand. There is nothing new about an omelette or frittata, but it is a classic for good reason. In this week’s gourmet hamper, the leeks, wild mushrooms and Cacklebean eggs make for a delicious one-stop-shop dinner. A frittata is different to an omelette in that it is not folded and the filling is mixed into the egg. Use plenty of salted butter to cook it (for this version at least, I would use olive oil if using a filling of a more Mediterranean inclination). Cook over a high heat at the start which will help it not to stick to the pan then lower the heat so they egg does not caramelise. You can finish under the grill if needed just to set the top. Just as you temper meat before cooking, bring the eggs to room temperature and add the hot leek mix to them; this will result in more even and quicker cooking. In this recipe, I haven’t added any counterpoints such as lemon or parsley, as I don’t want anything interrupting, just soft egg carrying the sweet leeks and earthy savouriness of the wild mushrooms. Serve with a crisp green salad and some buttered toast on the side.

40g Salted butter

2 Leeks, halved, washed and sliced roughly 4cm

100g Wild mushrooms

1 Garlic clove, peeled and crushed

5 Cacklebean eggs

Salty cheese to grate on top (optional)

- Melt half the butter in a pan and sweat the leeks with a pinch of salt in a pan with a lid for 5-10 mins until tender, then add the wild mushrooms and garlic, cook for a further couple of minutes.

- Whisk the eggs with a pinch of salt then add the leek and mushroom mix to them.

- Melt the remaining butter in an omelette pan (non-stick 26cm) over a medium heat until sizzling but not brown, then add the egg, leek and mushroom mix.

- Leave for about 20 secs, then start to tilt the pan one way whilst bringing the egg back the opposite.

- Lower the heat so the base of the frittata remains pale golden rather than brown and repeat the tilting and moving process a few times until it is 50% cooked.

- Leave on the heat for 20 secs, then flash under a grill to just set the top.

- Transfer to a plate to arrest the cooking and leave to cool for a couple of minutes before serving. It is more comforting and indulgent when warm rather than piping hot. 

- Grate some cheese on top if so desired.

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