Mince pie parfait; hot orange & passion fruit salad

Both an ode and a farewell to Christmas and all the oranges and clementines you will have eaten. This dessert will definitely put a smile on your face; the emotive combination of familiarity and nostalgia is even greater when mixed with sugar, dairy and alcohol, as here! You will, of course, have a pack of mince pies left from Christmas, or you may pick some up on special offer (alternatively substitute the mince pies with 250gr carrot cake or gingerbread). This recipe looks a bit more “cheffy” than the usual homework I give you, but to make the parfait, you only really need a beater and 3 mixing bowls. A great combination of hot, cold, sweet and sharp, homely but refined. Enjoy!

Mince pie  parfait

4          Egg yolks

40g      Marsala, Madeira or Whiskey

80g      Runny honey

4 Mince pies, crumbled

2          Oranges, zest of, grated

 750g     Whipping cream 

4          Egg whites

90g      Sugar

Hot orange & passion fruit salad

2          Oranges

1/2 tsp Corn flour

2 tbsp   Water

2          Passion fruit, halved and scooped

1 tsp     Sugar

 Mince pie parfait

-           Beat the egg yolks and whiskey for 3 mins. Bring the honey to a boil then gradually pour in the honey and keep whisking until thick and voluminous.

-           Fold in the mince pie and orange zest.

-           Whip the cream to medium peaks, then fold into the mince pie & sabayon mix.

 -           Beat the whites and powder to soft peaks, then gradually add the sugar and beat until firm but not over whipped, about 1 more minute

-           Fold the meringue into the mix, then transfer to loaf tin and freeze overnight or at least 8 hours.

 Orange & passion fruit salad / Assemble

-           Dip the loaf tin into a roasting tin of hot water from a kettle and turn out to un-mould. Cut slices and serve onto plates. Alternatively, scoop out balls or rustic scoops into bowls. Do this before you make the sauce to give it time to soften slightly.

 -           Segment the oranges and squeeze the juice from the membrane into a pan.

-           Dissolve the corn flour into the water and add to the juice and bring to a boil to thicken.

-           Remove from the heat and mix in the passion fruit and oranges. Check if it needs a pinch of sugar. It should be quite sharp. It may need a flash more heat as the fruit will cool it down. Don’t cook for long or the segments will soften and lose their freshness.

-           Spoon the hot fruit and sauce over the top to enjoy the hot/cold contrast.

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