Ollie's Recipe for Cucumber, Kiwi & Green Pepper Gazpacho

A delicious chilled soup that is verdant, grassy and full of pop. Kiwis aren’t really used much in restaurants, but here they add a lovely clean flavour and fruitiness to the gazpacho. This is not remotely authentic, as you can imagine, but it a lovely diversion from the classic soup and is enjoyable for the same reasons….it is both sweet and sharp, utterly refreshing (when ice cold) and with that Mediterranean pungency from the pepper and raw shallot that comes through and lingers at the end. The cumin here also adds a lovely warmth and kick. This is incredibly simple to make and uses no less than 3 ingredients from this week’s hamper. Follow it with the pork belly slow-cooked with the new potatoes and some smoked paprika, so the fat from the pork confits the potatoes underneath....perhaps another recipe for another time. Aproveche!

500g Cucumber, peeled & chopped

500g Ripe tomato, roughly chopped

75g Green pepper, deseeded and chopped

150g Ripe kiwi, peeled and chopped

30g Shallot (or onion or spring onion), chopped

90g Extra virgin olive oil

90g Water

20g Sherry vinegar

12g Salt

12g Sugar

Pinch Cumin powder

- Mix everything together and leave to marinade for at least 4 hours, if not overnight.

- Blend everything in a blender, then pass twice through a sieve: the first time pushing with a spoon, the 2nd time tapping the side of the sieve. This is so the sediment stays in the sieve and the gazpacho becomes less viscous.

- Check salinity, sweetness and acidity.

- Chill well and keep some glasses or bowls in the freezer to serve.

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