Pickled Charred Clementines

These couldn’t look more festive and are delicious served with roast duck or goose. The clementines are topped and tailed (as if you were about to segment them), then sliced across the middle, before being steamed to mellow the taste and texture of the skin. Blowtorching them, or charring in a hot dry non-stick pan if you don’t have a blowtorch, add a grown up bitterness. You can completely omit this process though if you like.


500g   Fresh orange juice 

100g   Sugar

20g     White wine vinegar

20g     Chardonnay vinegar

Pinch  Salt

2          Star anise

2          Cloves

½        Vanilla pod, scraped 

5          Clementines


-          Bring everything to the boil then remove from heat and leave to infuse.


-          Cut the top and bottom off the clementine, then halve across the middle.


-          Place flesh side down on a baking tray with some of the liquor and bake/steam in the oven at 145°C full fan for 1hr (with another baking tray full of water in the oven below it – replenishing the water if it dries out).


-          Remove and turn over so they are now flesh side up and place on another baking tray.


-          Using a blowtorch, char the clementines on the cut side until blackened on top, then transfer to a glass storage jar. Alternatively, char in a very hot non stick pan if you don’t have a blowtorch. Arrange in an attractive pattern.


-          Warm the spiced pickling liquor and strain through a chinois over the clementines.


-          Leave to cool to room temp then seal the storage pot and leave overnight. The clementines will then keep well inside the sealed storage jar in the fridge.


-          Before serving, take some of the liquor and reduce well. This is to glaze the clementines before serving.

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