Spiced Pineapple chutney

I type this somewhat smelling of lobster, having just prepped triple figure quantities for Hide at Home’s deliveries! Below is a fantastic and fantastically quick recipe for a spiced pineapple chutney. This is served warm, has warm-scented spices such as cloves and cinnamon, and also conjures up associations of warmer tropical climates, so perfect for a cold grey London right now! The joy of this recipe is the simplicity, but the reason for its deliciousness is that the flavour of the fruit is embraced and complimented by the spices, sugar and acidity, rather than drowned into something that is simultaneously too sweet and too sour. This keeps well in the fridge, and is perfect with rich meats such as pork or punchier ones such as game. My personal favourite serving suggestion is with black pudding, crispy bacon, fried mashed potato and a fried egg. If of healthier inclination, however, then serve with some charred salmon, tuna or squid. Feel free to add some chopped coriander just before serving.


Spiced pineapple chutney

50g       Muscovado sugar

15g       White wine vinegar

15g       Chardonnay vinegar

2cm      Ginger, peeled & grated on a microplane

1          Cinnamon stick

4          Cloves powder

1/2       Vanilla pod, split and scraped

Pinch     Espelette 0r cayenne pepper

Pinch     Salt


1 tsp     Cornflour, whisked into 2 tbsp water


3          Passion fruit seeds

2          Limes, zest grated on microplane, and juice


600g     Pineapple, quartered, core removed, then diced into 1cm pieces

65g       Salted butter


-           Bring the sugar, vinegar, salt and spices to a boil then whisk in the cornflour solution and bring to a boil to thicken. Remove from the heat and then mix in the passion fruit and lime.


-           Heat a large pan until hot, then add the butter so it turns light noisette, then add the pineapple, making sure it fits in a single layer.


-           Do not touch, rather leave to colour well before stirring or tossing, then leave again to caramelize. If you stir or toss too much, the pineapple will soften but not colour.


-           Saute the pineapple as such until coloured and just tender but not a compote; this should take no more than 5 mins. You want it to retain some of the fragrance of the raw fruit.


-           Add the sugar/spice/passionfruit mix and bring to a boil, mix well, then transfer to a large bowl or roasting tray to arrest the cooking.


-           Serve straightway, or leave to cool to room temperature, then chill until needed.  


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