Whole roast pineapple with spiced caramel

A dessert of swashbuckling escapism this week: some much needed tropical flavours to alleviate your working from home in cold London. This dish looks amazing though is very quick to make and actually needs very little technical ability. You don’t have to keep the leaves attached but it does add to the fun of the dish. If your oven is too small for the pineapple to stand upright, just turn on its side, use the side of the roasting tin to support the leaves, then rotate the pineapple every 10 mins when you baste it. Studding it with cloves isn’t a must but they are also a cute touch. Allspice berries are something you should definitely buy on your next shopping trip if not already lurking at the back of your cupboard. They are both warm and fragrant, not too pokey, delicious used in preparations like this and also in marinades for barbecues and add to casseroles. Always buy them whole and crush yourself; the pre-ground variety lacks the citrusy zestiness. If unavailable, feel free to omit or replace with some crushed coriander seed in this instance. 

Spiced caramel

150g Soft brown sugar

1 tbsp Black treacle

50g Water

50g Rum

1 Lime, juice and zest grated on microplane

1 thumb Ginger, peeled and finely chopped

100g Salted butter

1/2 tbsp Allspice berries, crushed


1 Sugarloaf pineapple


Vanilla cream

300g Whipping cream

300g Thick Greek yoghurt

½ Vanilla pod, scraped

- Place all the ingredients for the spiced caramel in a pan and bring to a boil. Cook for a couple of minutes then remove from the heat and pass through a sieve.

- Cut the base off the pineapple and peel. Keep on the leaves for presentation and wrap them in tin foil.

- Stud the pineapple with cloves all over to replicate the eyes of the pineapple then place in a roasting dish and spoon over the sauce.

- Roast in a preheated oven at 180C for about 30 mins, basting with the caramel every 10 mins.

- In this time, scrape the vanilla into the cream and whip to medium peaks, then fold in the yoghurt.

- Check the pineapple is tender but holding its shape, then remove from the oven. Transfer to a serving plate and pour over the juices from the roasting tray.

- Serve at the table, carving into wedges, making sure you fully milk the standing applause and smile with false modesty; remember to make the dish sound a lot harder to make than what it actually is when people ask.

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