Our Environmental Ethos

We're Climate Positive!

That's right. Through our partnership with Ecologi, the Environmental Organisation, we help fund projects across the globe planting trees. In fact, for every order that is made, through them, we plant a tree.

We also use a courier business (DPD) which is is proud to be CO2 neutral, and our vehicles are self charging hybrids. We also use solar power to generate electricity to help power our refrigeration units. We also use packaging that's kinder to the planet too:

We are well-aware that home deliveries (especially that of fresh food) equate to realms of packaging, insulation and potential waste. We use recyclable food bags and insulation, and our cardboard boxes are similarly fully recyclable and suitable for curb-side collection. The ice packs we use can either be frozen for re-use as ice packs, or drained of their water and the plastic recycled. Our smaller boxes we use to send charcuterie and yogurts in are made from cardboard pulp, so are recyclable or compostable too.


Reducing Food Waste

Given the majority of our produce is fresh, some of the items we sell have a relatively short "use by" or "best before" date. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been putting  “suitable for home freezing” stickers on our product bags or packing slips, in the hope that this will prompt you to freeze any products that aren’t going to be used immediately. It is our hope that this will result in less food waste, and in turn lessen its adverse environmental impact. The BBC recently reported that if everyone in the UK stopped wasting food at home for just one day, it would have the same impact on greenhouse gasses as planting half a million trees! We hope that the “freeze now, enjoy later” principle means you can enjoy our food days or weeks later, and not have to throw it away due to it being past its use by or best before date.

We have frozen alternatives to many of our meat and fish products. This is to clear out unbought stock that we have frozen in our commercial freezers. We are offering these products at a reduced price. You will find the frozen options in the drop down menu on the product pages. The quality of these products remains uncompromised, meaning you can buy them now and use them later.